Friday, June 26, 2009

A thank you and wee little vent

I want to thank Lynnette her girls and Kim at Painted Spirit Ranch for getting Bee A Tigress here, she has a sad story and is lucky they cared enough to save this mare from another local horse rescue. Its sad this mare was suppose to have sanctuary at the rescue but instead she had to be rescued from the person who rescued her, that just doesn't make sense. Lately rescues have been getting a bad reputation...Who's fault is this? A few bad apples they say is all it take and it give those of us who sacrifice our time, energy and funds to rescue these horses a harder time gaining the trust of the public. People there are still good rescues out there please give them a chance, there are many horses who can use your help...please check the people out prior to adopting. I don't care if your adopting from someone else if you need help or advise don't hesitate to ask me, i want horses to find homes thats the important part here, thats why i got into this. I just do not want these bad apples ruining the chance of a legit rescue finding great homes for these great horses...Be careful people and do your research, getting a horse should be pleasurable not a nightmare.
If this posts twice...sorry. I did try to edit the post below this and it didnt show, im new to this so bear with me. Too add to below Bee A Tigress arrived May 23, midnight, you try moving a jet black horse in the middle of the was an adventure.

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