Friday, June 26, 2009

Rescue Story Bee A Tigress

Our newest addition and jet black TB named Bee A Tigress/Sweets aka Beauty...She looks like Black Beauty so the kids here renamed her. Beauty came to us through people who cared enough to rescue this mare from another rescue. She was suppose to have sanctuary at this other rescue but i guess since she wasn't bring any money in and they were not about to lose money the horse had to go. It stated on their website they could not do her feet because she had to be tranquilized, my farrier had no problem doing her. Beauty does have a broken leg that has healed and is really only broodmare sound or companion horse only. Her feet were in such bad shape she was almost dragging this front leg around. My farrier has her upright and she now can get around like a normal horse. He figured she hasn't been done in a very, very long time. It stated on the website also that companion horses were not released until they had their feet and teeth done, either have been done on this horse. She was purchased at auction, they rode her in and i guess the rescue who bought her figured they could sell her right away, big mistake a blind person could have seen the problem with her front leg. The rescue wasn't into losing money on the horse and she was then rescued from the rescue so they wouldn't have her put down or resold at auction. This mare is amazing and beautiful I will be contact prior owners to see if i can get more information on the horse and how this injury happened. More on Beauty in the coming days...She has found a home here with us.

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