Sunday, July 5, 2009

Around the Ranch

July 5th 2009 all is well on the ranch, received 500 bales of hay so we are set for a while. The babies are growing...Miabella is almost as big as her mom, she will be a monster size horse.  I think her path in life may be more of the look at me I'm pretty horse, this baby is so kick back she will be a nice mount when she grows up. Vinnie is a wonderful baby also, not a big as Mia but he was an orphan and will catch up in size in the following months, i believe he will be a grey. Mona Lisa, what a filly i think this girl would love to be someones new jumping mount...she thought she was a race horse when she was born and ran everywhere...well i should say nowhere mama is on top of her all the time, she is turning grey. Fiona...ok Fiona thinks she is a bucking bronco...either that or this filly is so happy she bucks all the time. All the babies are stunning and one day i hope to see them in show, they are that nice and I'm not saying that because they are here, I'm saying that because everyone that has seen them says the same thing...ok so i got lucky and had 4 quality babies. We have 4 more mares here due to foal early next year and I'm just hoping for healthy, happy babies and the mares of course. The mares that have foaled will be up for adoption after the babies are weaned. We do not adopt out pregnant mares, they will not leave the rescue until the foal. Why you ask? We cant take a chance people want these mares just for the babies they carry. A lot more things will be happening around here as soon as it cools off...I have met a few new great people since i started this rescue, Kim Reynolds who owns Painted Spirit Ranch has helped me rescue horses, Lynnette Wilson and her girls who will be helping with the training of the critters here and has also helped me rescue horses, and Dean who drives 2 hours one way to help me clean corrals. Justin who volunteers here daily and takes care of all things around the ranch, this guy out works all of us...Being paralyzed has not stopped this guy, I'm so proud of him and how he doesn't let his disability effect is ability to do anything... He gets around faster in that wheelchair then us...just stay out of his way he will run you over, and the horses love him. Justin is my hero and a great example of not letting anything in life you enjoy stand in your way...ok so he is sitting. I too am disabled a lot of people don't know that, it isn't something i normally share, plus looking at me i look like everyone else. I suffer debilitating pain, pain that would normally cripple someone enough that they spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair or in bed, or 3 out of 5 of us end up killing ourself due to the pain. I see myself as a surviver, one who will not let whats wrong with me limit me, i cant, thats giving in and I'm not one for doing that, just not in my nature. I have days where i rather be in bed but i think this rescue gives me something to live for, to fight for and is my mission in life. I wish people who are in the same boat as Justin and I would find some passion in life so that they too can wake up every morning with a purpose, this is something a lot of them are lacking and as humans drives us...we all need something to live for.
Going on our second year here as a 501c3 non profit has been an adventure and I personally have enjoyed every minute of it...well if i could get these horses to poop in one area i would be an even more happy camper.
I just want to thank all of those involved in this rescue and we are always looking for volunteers, not just to pick road apples but heck if you have time to groom a horse and give it that little extra love, you can make their make them feel even more wanted. Some of these horses were abandoned by their owners, you as a human know what its like not to feel wanted...imagine being stuck in a little corral, left in a pasture with no one to care for to would want that contact, just to know someone cared enough to spare a few minutes just on you. So for now thats all i have...I just wish someone would turn off the freaking heater outside so i could enjoy more time outside without wanting to pass out. Ok i had to add a wee bit of a vent LOL
Thanks You everyone for your support

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do for these horses! I look forward to meeting you and your horses this Friday. Hope the weather has cooled down altittle by then!